We believe that great leadership has a distinctive sound, character, tone and style, with Clarity, Kindness and Connection at its heart.

These three foundational values underpin and shape everything we do in the fields of leadership development, coaching and mentoring.


Thirty years’ experience tells us that no two leadership development experiences are exactly the same as no two leaders are exactly the same.

The leadership ideas, principles and teaching content in any development experience may be familiar, tried, tested and the fruit of many years’ study, practical experience and research, but your leadership “sound” is unique.

So, whether we are supporting you in developing:

  • an international organisational culture change initiative,
  • an executive development programme,
  • a Board or top team development experience, or
  • a senior team “in-market immersion”

you can expect a SONUS leadership experience to draw upon the very best leadership thinking and practice whilst, at the same time, be customised to reflect your sound: your context, your leadership style, your character and your objectives.


The benefits of a bespoke executive coaching experience with SONUS:

  • A safe place to sound off;
  • A sounding board to try things out with and to receive constructive feedback;
  • An empathic and experienced source of sound advice.

Many clients hire Derek to mentor as well as coach, drawing upon his own past experience in senior leadership. This empathy establishes a credibility and trust which helps the relationship get into deep and meaningful work very quickly.

Derek also coaches teams, having gathered extensive international, cross sector experience quite literally from the Boardroom to the front line.

Having been blessed with a couple of amazing mentors during the formative stages of his own leadership career, Derek has a particular heart for developing  “high potentials” and leaders moving from areas of subject matter expertise into senior people leadership posts.

Derek holds a Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring from the University of Strathclyde and the Institute of Leadership and Management.


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